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Monday, October 6, 2014

The biggest mistake that former President Mr. Habibies done

The former president, Mr. Habiebie, in my opinion is the best president ever Indonesian had. His ability form the airplane industry and most of strategic Industries (Krakatau Steel, PAL, etc) that he made when lead the Technology minister, in "Old Era" govern, was make him very important person in Indonesia, even most of citizen and our elite did not care about that.

Prof. Habibie
Besides expert in technology especially airplane, Habiebie success bring the the value of IDR from 16.000 per USD into IDR 5000 per USD, less than two years during the monetary crisis in 1998. His jobs like a magic, no wonder USA is afraid when he become president furthermore, in the end the Timor-timor case, that design by USA successfully removed him from president, by built an image that Habiebie is the one who decide Timor-tomor freedom.

During the crisis in 1998, when the president Soeharto resign after big demonstration which killed some student many thing happened, indeed conflict between general in TNI Wiranto and Prabowo Subianto, in this filed Habiebei did the biggest mistake that he ever had.

1998, Jakarta in big violent, the habiebie, have no experience to control this situation, and he only believe with Wiranto. during the violent, wiranto goest to Malang with some of TNI deputi. Some of studend killed and the student, reach the house of representative. In this situation Soeharto, is still not giving up, then some of national leader such as, Din Samsoedin, Amin Rais, Prabowo Subianto, and others held a meeting. The ask to Prabowo, to make sure President Soeharto to resign as soon as possible, so the condition will stable.
Knowing about, this situation Soeharto feel disapointed with prabowo, he can't believe that his son in law in his opposite. In the end Soeharto resign, and Prabowo have to accept the fact that he no longer needed in Cendana family.

In other side, Wiranto could make prove habiebie, that prabowo become traitor, and will remove him from president. without confirmation, Habiebie displace prabowo from pangkostrad, even he never did. Now people only know that Prabowo is the man who try to grasp the president chair. The effect of this issue was made prabowo lose from presidential election 2014, defeated by Joko Widodo.
Prediksi gaduh Jokowi vs DPR 5 tahun ke depan
Picture 1, Lawmaker meeting

Until now, Habiebie rejected to clarification about what excatly happened during 1998. And he still in his argumentation, during DPR leader election, we knoe the potho of Habibie, together with Tri Sutrisno, Then Jimmi Assidiqi then Joko Widodo, Then Jusuf Kala and then Hamdan Zulva. We dont know, what excaly happened about them, why the sit in group. We hope Habiebie can be back on the right side, and clear everything.

In opinion, thing that he have done to Prabowo, is the biggest mistake that he ever done.

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