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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is there the instant successful?

Everyone sometimes did a wrong thing, feel mad about failure, and hurt went everything did not going well as plan. In the deep of the sadness you probably ask in the hearth, what’s really happened? , why somebody did a better thing than us, why you can’t do a better think then your friends did. Why the successful run away from us? Even have done the best thing that we can do, and have tried in many times, and spending much of energy, money and time to practice, but the result still same.
Picture 1, Cheat during exam
Most of questions that mentioned above, probably in your mind along this day, week, month or years, then time already changed. Days, weeks, and years changed, your got older and older without improvement.
Now you have wake up from infinity daydreaming, you only know the other people successful in the end, without know their method, they effort and their sacrifice. There is no instant successful, there are many step that you must be lie through before the last stage. Patient, hard effort and never give up is the main keys to be successful, beside the Allah rules.
You probably familiar with C. Ronaldo or Linel messy, they are the greatest football player in the world today, and they have reached the position after hard work, practice, gat injuries, scores, and pray to the god. There are many football players, but not all of them whose have a discipline, determination, and high motivation. Messy beginning his career as Catalan junior (B team), then only ex-player, and then become the main player, of course it’s need a time, hard work and determination.
Believe or not, like or dislike, live always go on, and never waiting for you, your mad useless. Stop crying, stop to thinking bad, control your emotion, open your book, arrange your schedule then start to change your live now. You must strongly believe that there is Allah that always take care of you, Allah can make everything come true, All of think in the universe depend on Allah, so don’t worry, just do it.

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