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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Indirect Election Win

Picture 1, Indirect Election
President election’s is leaved politic impact in our nation, Red and White Coalition lead by losing president candidate Prabowo Subianto, made the last effort to dominate the lawmaker in house of representative. Recently, The indirect regional mayor election system has been decided. The democratic party action to walk out from the paripurna conference made the red-and with coalition won their option in which indirect election via DPRD.

Indonesia Democratic party of struggle have made because of this result, and judicial review become the last option that they can do.
In this week, the democratic party act become the hot trending topic in the social media, of course the our president known as the chairman of the party, become bullied object. Walk out the lawmakers of democratic party did in past is not something do without reason. In early time, they have announced that they will support the direct election, but with 10 additional requirement. But, after 4 hour discussed , in the end, the Indonesia Democratic party of struggle did not accept their argumentation, so I it’s normal that they decided to walked out.
Like or dislike it was the final result, if all of fraction in house of the representative understand the meaning of democracy they should accept the meeting result, event it hard to do. Furthermore, if they disagree they can ask the judicial review, and did not anarchist that can lose out the public interest.
Regrettably, the great Indonesia coalition which compose of PDI-P, Nasdem, Hanura, PKB and PKP do the bad thing in media, the built the public opinion, Kompas, Jawa pos, The Jakarta Post, and Detic, etc, give the unbalance news just for their interest. The news make the red-white coalition like a Robber whose stole the democracy form people, further more they said that our president who chairman of Democratic party as founding father of anti-democracy. And the last news that made by, lot of people will ambuscade the president in Halim air port, just to giving this honor. The great coalition act as a superhero, and suggest to people to do demonstration. Besides that, the foreign media, also give support to great Indonesia coalition and banned for red-white coalition doing.
Please think back in your mind, what is purpose foreign media do that?, are they will support our people from poor?, no, exactly no, they just want get they want from Indonesia, just like the animals, they will give us the milk and food for our fat, and they will take our meat. Is thing that you want?, if you said no, then reject them, and go in the right ways with red-white coalition.
Still fresh in our mind, when the Prabowo subianto and red- white coalition, was done the same thing in constitutional justice. When they did not accept the result of presidential election. They got much of bulling from social media, even what they have done is legal. But when great Indonesia get lose from indirect election for mayor , and ask for judicial review, still stand they bullied the red-white coalitoan, so bad, bad, bad, and bad. But you can see closely red-white coalition, give them a chance and time to do that, and calm down.
In the end, indirect election that decide by lawmakers of representative is the best thing that can reach now, even you dislike. Our people not yet ready for the direct election, there are many people think just for money, if you have money they will choose you, and there many corruption happened. You may know what happened to pendopo Tuban, in 2005. Congping supporter burn out the pendopo which the historical legacy. And you may be know about Ratu Atut, then Jokowidodo now, they all choose by direct election system. Now, is time to realize that we have to think for Indonesia, not just for your arrogant.

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