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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

is Prabowo Need To say "Congratulation" to JKW-JK ?

today on the Jakarta Post, one of  the top news topic said, Prabowo has yet to congrulate Jokowi. Insede of the paragraph also said, "Jokowi has several times expressed willingness to mend fences, toning down any animosity and past rivalry and saying that he and Kalla were “good friends” with Prabowo.

it sound good to hear, but hard to do, isn't it?.I think most of Prabowo Supporter will agree with my statement. Starting his career politics as a Solo's major, Jokowi is nothing. But after the Jakarta governor election, he become famous. Probowo and Gerindra are the only one man and politic organization which strongly recommended and convention Indonesian democratic party struggle to join in the selection. eventually Jokowi won the election and become the governor. 

Prabowo may be think that Indonesian democratic party struggle will support him on the president election, but in fact, they trait Prabowo and submitted Jokowi as rival. I think it's a hard to understand, how it could be, but it's real happened. 

The second reason is, the politic issue that Media group and trans group that supervisory by Surya Paloh and Chairul Thanjung and  Dhalan Iskan that supported by Wiranto, Luhut Panjahitan, dan Hedro priyono and Abundant of foreign country that have interest with Indonesia spread out in much of media , such as : HAM issues, and bad characters of Prabowo , in which make the Prabowo Character killed.

Eventually, in the president election, Prabowo have lost. and Jokowi become the president-elect.

Now, we partly understand how hard Mr. Prabowo to say congratulation. but is it needed?

in our religion, Islam we recommended to positive think, and and forgive every mistake that our relative done. because not reasonable as a moslem keep the revenge in our hearth. we have to keep the union.

basis on this opinion, we are one prove that Mr. Prabowo have to forgive mr. Jokowi and said " congratulation".

but now, what the best method to said?, Keep silent and Calm is part for agreement, so I think mr. Prabowo act right now, is part of method to said congratulation, no need to said something.

and mr. Jokowi, should understand about it, and did not make another opinion ,Prabowo do not want to pack as close. Jokowi must recognizes that in fact, his party and his supporter have done many bad things on mr. Prabowo, even only in his hearth.

now we can wait and see, then support the government. We have to keep our ideology and union. because this country not only for us, but also for our son, and grand children.

in the end, we have to give big honor to mr. Prabowo, for his wise and effort.

Happy Freedom, Indonesia.
17 August 2014

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